What is best practice on how to save mulitple contacts for 1 new company target?

Whast the best practice on how to deal with a new company with mulitple initial emails and names we want to reach out to and they are still in target phase and NOT a contact.

If we find 3 emails of a target company, whats the best way to go about using the target module.

  • add 3 emails and names into the target module, which has some comany information
    downside is its hard to keep track of when each target was last emailed? how would this be done?

-add 3 targets, 1 per email, but the comapny data has to be repeated 3 times, which leads to poor data integrity

thanks for the ideas

If you want to track each target last emailed then you need to add a “DateTime” field in the target module and update the date every time when you get the email.