What is a workflow?


I was wondering if I might be able to get a few examples of what a work flow can do?

I had an idea for one, IF I think that I understand them right.

Each time that I finish a task for a client, and I have no new tasks that I can foresee, I create a task to call them back in 2 months. This ensures me that I do not let this client slip through the cracks, and I forget to call them.

If there a way to have the CRM look over the files every so often and lok for accounts that have not been active for the, we’ll say past 2 months. If there is no new activity, the CRM will make a note to schedule a call?

Thanks for your help and ideas.


Yes, perfectly possible. You could do a check on the Accounts Date modified, or check any modules related to Accounts to see if there have been any changes to records/dates.