what if I forget myphpadmin password

How to reset the password?
I don’t dare to edit the config.inc.php again, it says “DO NOT EDIT”, what other solution do I have

Hi brucelee073,

Can you please explain your problem in detail?


Hi Satasiya, I try to import database from another SuiteCRM to my test environment (on windows), and I realized I forgot my phpmyadmin password (user name is root). I found out a lot people talking about modifying config.inc.php, I tried it last time, which messed up my phpmyadmin. Is there other solution to reset my password for my phpmyadmin?

check this documentation


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Thanks a lot Mike, It did reset the password, but I am not able to load SuiteCRM. I checked the sugarcrm.log, it says could not connect to DB server localhost as root. port 3306: Access denied for user ‘root@localhost (Using passowrd: YES)’

look what I just found…, when I looked into the config.php, I found db_password which display my phpmyadmin password …

that’s great, remember that is not your phpmyadmin user/password actually is the mysql password, phpmyadmin is a tool written in php that allows you to manage graphically your database.

yes, the config.php in the SuiteCRM directory is the one you need to set the new user/password of your mysql database.

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