What Functions is 7.4.3 Missing?


I just installed SuiteCRM v7.4.3 on our webhost and began working with the individual modules.

It seems like the modules that I’ve been evaluating are missing some functionality. For example - the Quotes template doesn’t allow me to enter Line Items where the hosted version allows you to enter them.

There are others but instead of listing them all I just need to get a few basic questions out of the way first - otherwise the rest of questions are moot.

  1. Is v7.4.3 an exact mirror of the Hosted version on the SuiteCRM site or is the Hosted version customized?
  2. I’d like to have our installed version be a duplicate the hosted version - What Functions are missing so we can install them?
  3. What would it take to get our installed version to match that of the hosted version?

Looking forward to hearing from you!


7.4.3 should not be missing any functionality.
It should indeed have functionality like Line items.

Where did you download SuiteCRM 7.4.3 from?
Did the download finish without any issues or interruptions?
When finished downloading, did the .zip file extract without any issue?
Did SuiteCRM 7.4.3 install without any issues?

What permissions values were set on your instance?
We’d recommend setting the values to:

755 for all files and folders in your SuiteCRM instance recursively (Can be done with the command sudo chmod -R 755 .)
775 for the files and folders: cache, custom, modules, themes, data, upload, config_override.php ( Can be done with the command sudo chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php)

and, it may be worth setting the owner of the files/folders to the Apache/IIS user’s Username and group.
This can be done with the command sudo chown -R (user):(group) .
make sure to replace (user) and (group) with the values for your Apache or IIS user’s Username and group.

After setting these permissions, Navigate to Admin > Repair and run a Quick Repair and Rebuild in your CRM.
On the page that appears, scroll down. If a text box with an “Execute” button appears, Click “Execute”.

Run another Quick Repair & Rebuild and Execute again, if given the option.

Does this help bring the Line item functionality back?

If not, it may be worth re-installing SuiteCRM, as it should have this functionality as standard.

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Hello there,

a little note to the great response from John …

Which template are we talking about? To obtain additional line items - the OpenSales in admin panel AOS Advanced Settings should be enabled too.

Best regards

Thanks so much for the detailed reply. It was a rights issue and I’ve gone through and changed all of the permissions as noted.

It appears to be working now.

Time for the test drive!

Thanks again,