What file controls the Bulk Actions menu?

I’ve looked through and found a few posts on removing the delete option from the bulk update, but what file actually manages building the Bulk actions drop down menu, and the Selection of lines from the list view that enable bulk actions? This is the menu with Email, Mass update, Merge, etc. I am wanting to remove the whole portion of code if possible. Would need to be upgrade safe and such, I’m fine writing the php changes in an override file if needed, just can’t seem to narrow down where it’s actually created… Thinking it’s within the ListViewDisplay.php (Include/ListView) but doesn’t seem to remove it on override. Possibly in the MVC/VIew/Views for view.list.php? Any direction would be helpful :slight_smile:

Here is a sample. I should give an idea on how to solve your issue:

I’ve seen this, or similar on either adding a new action or like removing delete. But can’t see where to remove the entire function of the bulk actions, drop down, options on selecting multiple records, remove the glyphicon and all of that… I thought I had it figured out, but didn’t end up removing it so figured I’d check here.

I’m sure there is a way. So far that’s all I know. Please share here if you find the solution.