What export software/addon do you use ?

Hi everyone,

I’ve set up my SuiteCRM the way i wanted and now i’d like to export some data coming from different modules to a .csv format so that my users can access them on Excel.

I’ve done some research and most of the addons that enable this feature aren’t free (Being free is a requirement for my project).

So what software or addon do you use to manage your exports ?

Thanks already


You might be better off simply with some SQL commands taken from phpMyAdmin.

Or if you want something more high-level, a custom entrypoint which calls some Beans listings and produces CSV output.

Another option is to start from Excel and configure your MySQL database there as a “data source”, and then draw the data online, as needed.


I went for the Excel version. I installed the MySQLforExcel addon and it works but (because there is always a but)…

Excel doesn’t seem to recognize the GUID identifiers in some of the tables of my CRM but this deviates from this CRM forum so i’ll work this out on my own

Thanks again for the response


So… How do you do the “…from Excel and configure your MySQL database there as a “data source”, and then draw the data online, as needed.” My database is on a GoDaddy server how do I configure my Excel to draw the data I need?


I ended up using the export function in Suite (from the listview).
It creates a .csv file that my users can open with Excel

Connecting the database directly to excel was complicated due to some tables not appearing without manually altering the SQL Query

this way is way simpler…

hope that helped


Did you tried reports module inside suitecrm?

If you looking for free add-ons for other purposes,

You may look here…


I am continuously putting more and more free add-ons over there.

Each addon is free only for an initial couple of months , so hurry up.

Thank you! I will look into this and give it a try.