What Did I Get Myself Into :(

Hello All,
I’m new to the forum.
My eyes are dry, my head hurts and my heart breaks.
I’ve spent almost all day trying to figure out how to get this software to work in a new local service business.
I am tech backwards and having trouble understanding it all.

I decided to go on Upwork to find someone to set this up for me, they told me they needed my server info,
domain etc. which is ok but then how would I have the system on my local computer? Is installing suiteCRM on my system not necessary?
Also, I have Windows…should I partition my hard drive and add Linux?

I’m also not understanding how the crm would work with my website, but I know I want customers to fill out a quote form that will then
go directly into the crm.

Is hosting also an issue at standard hosts like godaddy etc? I read some threads and sounds like they are not all crm friendly.

I feel so lost and frustrated I am not even sure what questions to ask. What am I missing? Can someone give me a hand please? Thanks so much

You can host SuiteCRM both on Windows and on Linux.

You can host it both online in a server or on your own personal computer. If you want it generally accessible from the Internet, you will probably go for a server. If you’re not a systems administrator, you will probably want an online hosted service. If you don’t want to spend too much money, it will be a shared hosting service.

I think with the kind of ignorance you say you have of these things, the option of getting help on Upwork probably makes sense. Your conversation with that worker shouldn’t be too different from what you can get here. If he/she is not being helpful consider trying the next guy/gal. But I think getting some basic architectural guidance makes sense in your case, even before proceeding with the install/configuration/customization.