What book should I buy

Does anyone have any recommendations for Sugar/SuiteCRM developer books.

I’m particularly interested in learning how to do things (which seem like they should be so simple, but apparently aren’t!) like:

• Make one field disabled, until a certain value is selected in another dropdown field.

I came across this book, but I’m concerned that a SugarCRM book may not apply to SuiteCRM (and it’s very old…)

Any input much appreciated, thanks.

I would’nt waste your money tbh! All the so called sugar developer books are totally rubbish. I looked at them all when first starting out developing on sugar and the only one which was of some use was The Definitive Guide to SugarCRM by John Mertic and even then it was still very poor.

The truth is Sugar dont really want people being able to easily learn how to develop and expand sugarCRM. You have to be a fairly experanced PHP developer and just try to figure out how things work by looking at the various blogs and forum posts out their. Its a huge beast of an application and has been reworked and expanded many times and as such the back end it a bit confusing at first.

Lots of useful info here: http://developer.sugarcrm.com

and here : http://forums.sugarcrm.com/f6/




This might be of use to you:



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This example here in my blog should show you how to add javascript to a module view that you can then use to make one field disabled until a certain value is selected in another dropdown field.


This just shows you how to add the javascript to the page, you will still have to actually write the code to do what you want.

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