What are you absolutely sure could be done with SuiteCRM.


I see lots of features, functions could be done with SuiteCRM at least in theory.

I have tried for almost a month to deploy suitecrm.

I am really convinced with the ideal, but reality hurts.

It’s almost inconceivable to me, to have such a mess.

I have tried to:

  1. create a group mail, but no trash, sent, custom folders appears
  2. themes disabled for non LTS versions, it really looks ugly, wasted UI
  3. account addresses showed different than required
  4. to destroy a user should be done within employee’s menu ugh!
  5. illogical b2c like: create opportunities for an account, what about a contact, whom needs a pencil, John needs a pencil, not his employee…
    And so on…

What could be done with suitecrm with certainty?
What you are really sure could be done?

sorry, did find how to edit post.

  1. Able only to see 50 emails!!!
  2. Forgetting about group email account, suppose I want to send an email to contacts whose name start with A??? Not friendly procedure, unable to do it, up to now
  3. Plenty of options, I disabled documents access but could be accessed with Quick Menu, so?
  4. Installation manual with errors, outdated
  5. Unable to monitor a SINGLE folder on inbound mail.

I don’t want to start a war, be your enemy, demostrate frustration,
I can’t offer this application so deficient as a solution!

Who is using this unstable, useless suite?
How could the mentioned topics could be relief?
Suitecrm improved?
Suitecrm be used?

Already tested suitecrm 7.8.9, 7.8.10, 7.9.9


This forums really works…

for teraphy.

To extern your frustration, at least…

It’s like shouting at the desert, nobody cares…

Even salesagility, moderators, but thanks at least,
your posture confirms my feeling, suitecrm
really sucks,… Thanks for nothing

Hi marthyr,

I would suggest waiting a little longer than 24hrs for a response before assuming that nobody cares (especially on the weekend!). I’ll go through this point by point and address what I can.

  1. I’ve tried to replicate this but it’s working for me. Double check that you have set up emails correctly (have you tried importing an email?). If you can replicate this as a bug then please raise it on GitHub and it will get treated as a high priority.

  2. This will be addressed in 7.10. Please see the announcement thread

  3. I’m assuming you are talking about the billing/shipping addresses on the detail-view? this can be easily changed through custom, I would suggest searching the forums.

  4. This is already the case. Click on a record in the employees list-view and then bulk action -> delete. This will delete both the employee and user as explained in the popup.

  5. Can you clarify what it is you are trying to do here? you can create opportunities for both contacts and accounts. This can be changed to fit your needs through studio.

  6. If you want more options added to the email settings email per page drop-down you can raise a suggestion on GitHub or make the change yourself. Again, this would be a very easy change to make.

  7. How are you trying to do this? if you open the email composer you can search for a contact with the “Related To” popup which will auto-fill details for you. Alternatively you could easily search for this contact in the contacts module list-view and then just click on his email to bring up the composer.

  8. This is not something you can do out of the box. It’s a fairly common modification that you can easily find code to copy paste from the forums.

  9. This is actively being worked on, stay tuned.

  10. Please clarify, I can select a single folder in email settings under “Monitored Folders”.

Thanks for feedback, if you have further questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I agree with Dillon that you need to be slightly more patient about getting quick answers. I had a Firefox tab with your thread open, to answer it when I got the chance, but hey, there are many things going on, not just this.

So Dillon did all the hard work already, let me just add I think an important decision with SuiteCRM is how much help you’re going to need, and who you’re going to get it from. SuiteCRM can be tricky to set up and made to fit your business’ needs. Some expert help goes a long way to make the process smoother.

For me, the business logic is this: I save a ton of money because the product doesn’t have to be bought. Then I save several tons of money because I don’t have to pay for it every year (as with licenses, software-as-a-service, etc.). Then I go and spend just a bit of money to have a SuiteCRM expert or a SuiteCRM partner company helping me customize.