Were elasticsearch settings relocated in 7.11.19

Am I going crazy or were the search settings removed? I just installed a fresh instance of 7.11.19 and don’t have “Search Settings” list that was a separate category at the bottom. I can see there is now “Global Search” under “System” category but that only leads me to “Search Modules”

So to sum it up “Search Modules” became “Global Search” and was moved under “System”. Where are “Search Settings” and “Elasticsearch”?


Not displaying correctly

I meant 7.11.9. I guess I’m a little crazy :slight_smile:


I could not see with 7.11.9 and upgraded to 7.11.10.

Problem is the same with 7.11.10, I cannot see Search Settings in Admin Panel. (btw title issue of Google Suite is now fixed with 7.11.10

Thanks @obekatli. Yeah I saw about Google title when I updated but I’m surprised no one mentioned the search missing. I will add the issue on Github.

Someone noticed…

a quick fix.
add this line in file config_ovberride.php

$sugar_config['http_referer']['actions'] =array( 'index', 'ListView', 'DetailView', 'EditView', 'oauth', 'authorize', 'Authenticate', 'Login', 'SupportPortal', 'SearchSettings', 'ElasticSearchSettings' );

and then you can access the settings using these links


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oh yes, thanks for the quick fix. As you have said Elastic Search panel is accessible with


not in the Admin panel yet. Hope the fix will be included in upcoming 7.11.11 and we get it soon.

Many thanks.

Fixed in 7.11.11 for Admin panel - Thanks