Welcome to Discourse!

Dear SuiteCRM Community members,

our Forums migration to Discourse (open-source software!) has concluded successfully. :tada:

Some of the most relevant advantages for our experience are:

  • great UI and UX design
  • mobile-friendly
  • allows @ mentions and private messages
  • tons of extra emoji, if that’s your thing
  • more flexible category and tags structure
  • a proper notifications system
  • more elaborate ways to group users and assign trust-levels in the Community, with several ranks and permissions
  • image uploads that actually work and are easy to make
  • topics can be closed and posts can be marked as solutions
  • ability to split topics into separate ones
  • a ton of add-ons and integrations (for example: with GitHub) that we can begin exploring
  • ongoing development and security fixes
  • localized user interface
  • emails with Activity Summaries to keep you up to date when you haven’t been visiting
  • … and much, much more.

I’d like to make a special reference to the fact that there are many features oriented towards guiding users to friendly, helpful, positive interactions. The Discourse folks put a lot of thought into this and you’ll see, as you use the site, that there are constant nudges and encouragements and reminders to do the right thing.

We already have a great Community, and it’s not the Forums software that makes a great Community. But I’m sure this one will serve us very well for the future, as we grow.

Feel free to ask your questions and make your comments by posting in the Site Feedback Category!