Welcome email sent to new leads


I would like to send a specific email message to new leads. All the solutions I found so far deal with Workflows, but may be there’s another way of achieving this?

We have an EntryPoint and ideally it would be great if it would be possible to include an email template ID. So when the person registers using that form they would get the specific email.

By the way in the Person Form we have to include a “Campaign ID”. May be there’s a simple way of sending that campaign automatically when the lead registers?

Thank you

Why is the workflow solution not satisfactory for you?


Workflow has certain advantages, but in our case I think we’ll add a field in leads like WelcomeTemplateID and use a webhook for new emails because

  • We don’t want to give admin panel access
  • Easier to mess up a workflow
  • We have lots of different welcome templates, french/english/promotions etc. and it would potentially be simpler to add a template ID right away into the form submission as opposed to adding the template ID and then adding it to workflow

But main reason is we don’t want regular users messing with admin dashboard and creating workflows which may break something :slight_smile:

You could do it from logic hooks, but that wouldn’t be much different from Workflows, from the point of view of non-admin users…

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