Weird side effect in the account history after email campaign

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I figured out a very weird side effect: I sent an email campaign to 1.500 contacts & leads - all mails were send successfully. Afterwards, I found out that the history has been added with one new entry: “email sent (the mail from the campaign) connected to one contact (the first which is assigned to my user in contacts)” in every account. The contact connected to the email entry is the same in every history of an account. I hoped to fix this issue by deleting this contact but the effect was that this history entry still exist but is connected to another contact (the following first contact, which is assigned to me). This contact is again equal in every account history.

I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.7 based on Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509). I tried already a quick repair.

I am looking forward for any hint or support.

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I am a huge step further with my investigation:

  • The entry in the history of the account is based on the contact related to the account.
  • The relation comes from the email used in the campaign. If I go to “View my Email” and select “My Sent Email” I find the email template I have used for the campaign.
  • If I select this email and click: “View Relationships” I see that all my contact and leads (based on the target list of the campaign) have been related to this email
  • The entry of the history (in leads or contacts) just show the first entry of all related contacts of the email

Now I have still two open questions:

  1. Is this a new feature of the new campaign wizard? Can I disable this feature?
  2. How can I delete this relation to keep my history clean?

Thanks for helping in advance.

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We have just sent a campaign and we are seeing this issue

Version 7.11.8

Any updates / solution to this?

Can you describe the issue but using database table names? It’s just that it takes a long time to set up and use campaigns for this test, if you can lead me directly to the problematic tables I could have a quicker look at the code.

Sorry for my late reply, but this issue has come back up again for our client

What danielscode is referring to

Modules / table - Campaign , Email, Accounts, Contacts

When a campaign is sent it creates an email and relates that email to all records it was sent to

The issue takes place when viewing from a different account history panel

Account > History panel > Email > Contact Name

The contact name that is displayed in the history panel record is not the contact that is linked to that Account

Image 1 - Account record History panel

This image shows an account history panel with many campaigns emails sent, see there are many Contact names that emails are linked too

None of these Contacts are linked to this account

See the Contact sub-panel for that account and you see that 1 Contact is there (this contact was sent the emails)

I had asked for database table names… even though you might need some work to discover what they are, it’s easier for you because you have data in those tables, you can track the specific contacts/accounts/emails and their relationships. I can’t do that easily, I’d have to re-create the entire scenario, and right now I am not working with SuiteCRM much, I am in other projects…

If I had the table names I think it would be much easier to scan through the code and find the faulty query…

looking through the source code
The History subpanel displays information from the following modules which have the following tables, and relationships
Meetings = meetings + meetings_cstm → (polymorphic relationship)
(only where status is ‘Held’ or ‘Not Held’)
Emails = emaiils → emails_beans → (polymorphic relationship)
Notes = notes + notes_cstm → (polymorphic relationship to any?) + → contacts + contacts_cstm
Tasks = tasks + tasks_cstm → (polymorphic relationship)
Calls = calls + calls_cstm → (polymorphic relationship) + → contacts + contacts_cstm

@pgr are you aware of any update on this?

Every email campaign sent to contacts it is displaying the wrong contact inside the Account history panel

No, I don’t know anything more.

I would just advise paying attention to database tables at the various moments, when sending campaign, when viewing subpanel, …