weird message when clicking any user detailed view

Hi everyone!

Im trying to hunt a very weird bug in my suiteCRM installation.

This is a 6.5.16 migrated to suiteCRM using the official patch for that purpose.

Nothing special.

Since migration, detailed view of contacts has been rendered unusable.

See the screenshot

Ask me whatever you need to help me solve it.

Hi alejamdroamo,

Did the upgrade run without errors? What permissions were set on your instance? Please try the following:

1.) Disable AJAX for this module in Admin -> System Settings -> Configure AJAX user interface.
2.) Go into the list view of the module.
3.) Enable AJAX for the module by doing reverse of step 1.
4.) Try viewing the module to see if the problem has been resolved, or if it still persists keep AJAX disabled for this module.



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Hi again Will!

First of all, yes, upgrade was OK. It was a clean installation of sugar 6.5.16.

Secondly, this is what we see when I disable ajax UI for contacts module (I used config_override, since I am more comfortable editing text files, hope this is not a problem). After executing 1) and 2) it seems more or less the same thing:

re-enabling ajax leads to the starting position. no changes.

Please, note that this instance of sugar must live in a shared hosting some months before we could increase sustained income and move on to a dedicated one. I guess that if sugarCRM CE can live without problems in a shared hosting, SuiteCRM can do, too.

I use the popular fix-permissions.php script in order to correct the permissions of files and folders according to HostGator’s shared hosting setup (see script here).

I attach the full list of file / folder permissions (QUITE LONG)

Hope it helps!

Hi alejandroam,

Have you performed a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair?



Yes, I did, with no changes.
I also tried to repair language JS, since it seems this weird text belongs to some language file (just guessing)
No changes so far.

Hi alejandroamo,

When did you last run the permissions script? Was this run after your upgrade?



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Yes, we executed fix-permissions AFTER the upgrade to to SuiteCRM because the behaviour of suiteCRM was a bit erratic; “undefined” messages and some other small issues tipically associated with permissions.

After executing the script, 99% of suiteCRM runs normally, except this module. I have not found any other affected module so far.
You have the full list of file/folder permissions at this very moment here:

Thanks for your time and patience


after cleaning relationships and cache, when we click on “contacts” module, we see this warning:

Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in (path to suitecrm)/data/Relationships/RelationshipFactory.php on line 189 Warning: array_merge(): Argument #2 is not an array in (path to suitecrm)/data/Relationships/RelationshipFactory.php on line 189

and EditView for a contact:
Fatal error: Smarty error: [in cache/modules/Contacts/EditView.tpl line 267]: syntax error: unrecognized tag: $fields…value (Smarty_Compiler.class.php, line 434) in (path to suitecrm)/include/Smarty/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

Hi alejandroamo,

Can you please go to the about page. What version of SugarCRM/SuiteCRM is shown?



Version 6.5.15 (Build 1083)

Hi Andreas,

You are using an older version of SuiteCRM. I would recommend upgrading to SuiteCRM 7.0.1 as this fixes many issues.



Thanks will.

I downloaded the necessary files from your web less han two weeks ago. Im not sure if that was the correct procedure, but there are only two files there, one is the upgrade, and the other is the standalone pack. I downloaded the upgrade and applied against sugar 6.5 clean install.

The database schema is now upgraded, so I think that I should donwload the full pack and replace files. Is that correct?

Hi alejadroamo,

You may still be running 7.0 if your version of SugarCRM is 6.5.15. Please download the upgrade and follow the Upgrade Wizard steps to upgrade. This will ugprade you from SugarCRM 6.5.15 to 6.5.15 and SuiteCRM 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 and will fix many issues.



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So, I have to apply this patch:



Thanks for your time and patience, Will!


Hi alejandroamo,

Please use the SuiteCRM 7.0.x to 7.0.1 upgrade path as you seem to be using 7.0.



I couldnt enter the upgrade section because there were complains about linkedin filters not found (I have read similar cases here). Upgrade section was unusable.

Since I was stuck, I decided to be a bit more agressive.

I backed up the database

I performed a fully clean install from scratch, configuring the same database name. Data was obviously destroyed.

Testing SuiteCRM at this point: everything OK.

After that, I restored the old database.

Testing: SuitceCRM complains “6.5.16 files should only be used with 6.5.16 database”

Y changed the offending data in the config table.

SuiteCRM starts OK, but obviously some structure differences were detected:

Differences found between database and vardefs

The following script will sync the database structure with the structure defined in the vardefs. You have the option of exporting this script and then running it against your database using external database management tools, or to allow the administration module to run the script.

NOTE: any changes you make to the script in the textbox will be reflected in the exported or executed code.

/* Table : contacts /
/MISSING IN DATABASE - portal_account_disabled - ROW/
ALTER TABLE contacts add COLUMN portal_account_disabled bool DEFAULT ‘0’ NULL ;
Table : aow_processed */
/*MISMATCH WITH DATABASE - parent_type - ROW [name] => ‘parent_type’ [type] => ‘varchar’ [len] => ‘100’ [default] => ‘Home’ /
VARDEF - parent_type - ROW[required] => ‘’ [name] => ‘parent_type’ [vname] => ‘LBL_MODULE’ [type] => ‘varchar’ [dbType] => ‘varchar’ [massupdate] => ‘0’ [comments] => ‘’ [help] => ‘’ [importable] => ‘true’ [duplicate_merge] => ‘disabled’ [duplicate_merge_dom_value] => ‘0’ [audited] => ‘’ [reportable] => ‘1’ [unified_search] => ‘’ [merge_filter] => ‘disabled’ [len] => ‘100’ [size] => ‘20’ [group] => ‘bean’ [options] => ‘moduleList’ [studio] => ‘visible’ [dependency] => ‘’ /
ALTER TABLE aow_processed modify COLUMN parent_type varchar(100) NULL ;

We executed the proposed query and then SuiteCRM say;
Database tables are synced with vardefs

Now everything is OK.