Weird _headerModuleList.tpl behaviour

Hey guys, so I wanted to override this file (because I need to get a custom link in menu). But when I create a folder structure in custom and paste this file in - nothing happens. My adjustments worked fine in the original but not in custom…

And then - a weird thing happend. I deleted the file from the original folder (but I had a backup) and reloaded the page. Since then my CRM is gone - the DOM won’t build itself. I returned the file and everything and I just see a pure blank page :open_mouth:

Would you please gimme some advice? I dont understand why I cant override it and also why is everything gone now :smiley: (btw it was on my test CRM so nothing really happened) :wink:

Nobody? :huh:

Have a look here

the current version is broken for the customization of that particular file. You’ll find a workaround linked in that post of mine.

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pgr - I think that without you I would be dead by now :lol: Thanks a lot!