Weird error index.php not found

Over the weekend my suitecrm install has stopped working. It was working on Friday when I left work.
Two things have happened - BST started, so the clock changed.
It is on a hosted Vultr vm. I reciieved an email saying they restarted the host.

Http:// gives me the apache screen
Http:// gives me a not found message from apache

Here is where it gets weird. I have automatic backups turned on with Vultr. Finding there was a problem and knowing only 1 customer record had been added on Friday, I thought a quick fix would be to restore the fm from Wednesdays weekly backup. After restoring the machine I still have the exact same error.

Just want to point out that installing this pushed me to the limit of my Linux knowledge so any help needs to be explicit in the instructions given!

Can anyone help?

As it took the mods more than 12 hours to put this up. I have fixed it.