Week Numbers on Calendar in SuiteCRM

Hello, i heard there’s an option in the calendar of SuiteCRM that allows you to show the week numbers, but it’s not working for me. i went to jssource/src_files/modules/Calendar/cal.js, and edited this line:
// weekNumbers: true

i uncommented this line:
weekNumbers: true

but it is still not working. any help?

You forgot to Rebuild javascript (from Admin / Repairs)

i already tried this morning Rebuild JS Compressed Files, Rebuild JS Grouping Files, and Rebuild Minified JS Files. maybe it’s another one?

Clean cache of browser .

I have this PR pending which would provide this as options configurable from the UI

it worked thanks! now the number of weeks are displaying, but they’re wrong. week 1 should start from january but it’s starting from February 21st. maybe it’s a bug from the js file?
edit. solved it!
i had to add this lines in cal.js:
firstDay: 1,
weekNumberCalculation: ‘ISO’,
now the week numbers are starting from January