WebToPersonCapture.php cant be override in the custom directory?

Hey there,

I am trying to create lead from a form of another website, I pass the WebToPerson into a ajax request, it gave me the CORS error since I dont have Access-Control-Allow-Origin set in the header.

I have put it in /modules/Campaigns/WebToPersonCapture.php and it work.

But when i want to put it in /custom/modules/Campaigns/WebToPersonCapture.php it dont work. look like I cant override this file ? (Even after a quick repair & rebuild)

Any idea ? If not I will have to come edit the file after every updated…

Thanks in advance !

Hi there!

Try reading this

and then have a look here


Thanks boss!

Completely forgot about this entry point system …

It now works with a custom entry point :slight_smile:

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