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WebToLeadForm set relate field


I edited my post above to include instructions that make the edit upgrade-safe

I checked and modules/Leads/views/view.converlead.php is never required or included in any other file in SuiteCRM so I just copied the original file to the custom directory equivalent and made the edits there

Thanks again

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This solution is generic, isn’t it? I mean, it just works and would provide a useful feature to anyone, am I right?

I’m saying this because it could be made into a PR.

There is nothing in this solution that is unique to my situation.

Anytime a Lead with an Account Name identified is converted to a Contact, if the Account Name in the Lead matches one and only one existing Account Name in the system, when the user selects Contert Lead and then clicks Save, there will be not further confirmation check for the validity of the Account Name entered.

This is what I wanted and it does this.

If others wanted this, they have a solution that works.

If this is a feature that is wanted in the core system, then yes, it should be ready for implementation in the core.

If there is concern about having this as the defaul convert action when an Account Name is included with the Lead, then maybe add a checkbox to allow the users to decide if they want this?

I personally would always want this, but maybe others feel differently?


I have never done a Pull Request so if you want to submit under your name, feel free.

The solution is 1/2 yours anyways :slight_smile:

I am about 87% sure it’s a good call to put this into Core - but not 100%.

So I’ll just bookmark this thread and let some time pass, see if anyone else comes here with an opinion.