I have an internal site- SSRS actually, that I can display in an iframe. By it’s nature the site contains data that is auto generated. There’s simply nothing there for an API or URL parameter to ‘grab/manipulate’. It would be very nice if there was a way to get some of that data from the website into suitecrm. Anyone know about this? Is there an implementation?



This can usually be done easily in PHP with a simple curl request followed by a smart grep.

But of course it depends on the structure of that site’s output. If it’s complex you’re better off with some kind of DOM parsing.

Thanks PGR,

I assume that you mean on a Linux deployment? It’s been a while since I used Linux, but aren’t CURL and GREP Linux shell commands? Unfortunately I’m using a Windows one :frowning: . (Its more difficult, but the company I’m with won’t go for Linux, despite the stability, security, and ease. It would make everything simpler really).


No, I was thinking you could do it from within PHP. SuiteCRM already uses the curl module, and PHP provides several commands to use regular expressions.

Some examples:


This can be easily done in a way that works both on Windows and Linux.