Webform for Cases

I have created some webforms for leads, but cannot work out how to create one for Cases.

I have seen, however, it is a bit out of my SuiteCRM knowledge!

I will need to create several forms for cases, so will need an easy way to do it - please show me what I am missing!!!

Have you looked at AOP Portal? It’s a built-in feature of SuiteCRM.

It will take care of all that for you - a place where your users can file cases and updates to those cases.

If you really need to do it yourself, then check out that code, it might help you learn how to do it.

I am looking at AOP and can’t find documents on how to access it!!! https://salesagility.com/downloads/RC/AOP/AdvancedOpenPortalUserGuide.pdf Is not that clear for me (and I should be able to understand it!)

I want visitors to submit a case without being registered.

I am/can use Joomla at the front end. After installing the component, despite using the correct credentials, I get

You must be logged in to use the portal

Do I assume that means I must be a joomla registered use? This I do not want, at least to submit.

I have no logged into Joomla and when going to CRM or add a case I get:

This account does not have portal access

I am logged in as my admin user!

You have to enable Portal access for each user in the user’s profile.

Thanks for the response.

I am getting confused!

I want to create a case web form so people who are not known to me can ask for support. Am i going about this the wrong way? Is the portal wrong for what I want?

If you want total strangers to deal with your CRM you might want to look into the Web-to-person feature. It basically allows for name and email input so you can collect Contacts, Leads, or Targets.

But for case handling you need some kind of login otherwise you have no way to connect the case to his owner (unless you do it all by email).

Above I wrote that you turn on the portal for “users”, but it was a mistake. You turn it on for “Contacts”.

Here’s a TL;DR explanation of some of these concepts:


I’m sure that will help you get more confused :slight_smile:


If you wish to create web form for any module in SuiteCRM. This add-on WebToModule for SuiteCRM may help you.

Thanks for that pointer - the mud is a bit clearer!

I was hoping to give people advice/support, which then makes them a lead and hopefully become a client. It would be good for them to see the chain of communication without them having to login, however, it is not unreasonable if the person is not automatically created as a user with portal access, thus getting access to the conversation and more bits…

It looks like that SuiteCRM (and possibly many others) will not work like this out of the box, so I might have to look at a ticket system and muddle through.

What I did was use Gravity Forms on my Wordpress website to create a case web form (you can also add captcha or whatever you like in the form).

Then use the Gravity Forms Zapier Add-On (free). To connect the web form to a SuiteCRM Case.

You just need to build a “ZAP” in Zapier.com to match the fields from the Gravity Form to the SuiteCRM Case. It’s super easy. However, you need the paid version of Zapier for this. I think it’s like 10 bucks a month.

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Thats sounds doable! Does this work for any module you think ? If I wanted to connect a form to create new projects for example??

I see it connects with SugarCRM - did you connect SugarCRM or Suite CRM:


Zapier is no longer free for SuiteCRM. Here’s another solution I’ve found. I wrote a blog article about it…


I wonder if this could be done in a contrived, but free of charge, and no-code, manner :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Use a Web-to-person form and create a Lead in SuiteCRM (even if what you want is a Case)
  • have a Workflow detect that Lead creation, and create a Case record, copying any required information over, and then delete the Lead!

Oh yeah, the web to lead form will work just fine. The issue (at least for me) is that it doesn’t have a re-captcha mechanism and gets loaded with spam. That’s why I use Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 in Wordpress so I get the re-captcha feature to cut down on spam.

That looks very promising. I’ll have to try to see if I can use another module besides leads. If I can get it to create a new project I may be set!! Thanks!