Web To Form help please

I have looked everywhere but I just can not find where you set up a web to form in SuiteCRM.
I have the latest version 7.1.4
I have found Campaigns under Marketing but there is nothing about Web To Forms there.
If someone could jsut point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated.


On the top menu: hover on “Marketing” and then click on “Campaigns” (fifth item on standard install)

On the top menu of campaigns page: hover on the leftmost item (“Campaigns”) then, in the “Actions” section click on the “Create Lead Form” menu item (ninth and last item in the “Actions” section)

This will open the Lead Form Wizard page from where you start the process of creating your form.

If you google around you will find more detailed descriptions of the whole process.

Once done you copy the generated code and integrate it with your web site (after appropriate modifications if necessary).

Be careful: if you associate the form with a campaign and then you delete this campaign, users entering data in the form will get an error because the campaign id number set in the form will not be found!


If I were you, I would not use SuiteCRM’s in-built form functionality. It’s terrible, it has poor formatting, and you have to create a new form for each campaign. This is no fault of SalesAgility, it’s just the way that SugarCRM has always done it.

I would (and do) use a combination of Zapier (just $15/month) and Wordpress forms to ship Leads, Cases, Contacts, etc back into SuiteCRM. This works much better than the standard functionality.

I am using Wordpress so I will explore Zapier thank you.

My problem is that I only have 7 menu options. The lead form option is not there and I can not find it in the Admin Studio as an option to add it.

Is it an optional feature that needs to be installed?


Found it thanx!

Web to Lead is not " It’s terrible, it has poor formatting" Salesforce have the same stuff you only need to pass this HTML to your webmaster or Web Guru they know how to make the form look pretty.

Also is your use the same form field you can saved that HTML and just change the campaing ID (in the HTML code) in another Web To Lead form for future use.

I’m having the same problem - there is no Create Web Form option in my Marketing menu (using SuiteCRM 7.6). How does one get to that option?

There is a link in 7.6, it has simply been renamed to ‘Create Person Form’ with more options and modules to create forms for.



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Is there documentation for SuiteCRM? I was going off the Sugar docs but I guess that’s no longer correct for Suite 7.6