web push notifications

I want to use the push notification web on suitecrm with onesignal.com.
I want to be notified even if the site is not open.
suitecrm gives me notification only when it is open.
How do I pass notifications from suitecrm to onesignal?
or do I have to view the notifications of suitecrm when the site is closed?

my motivation is is that In the company, I wish that the email is only used by suitecrm, so I thought that push notification will be very useful. because the workers will see on the desktop and on the mobile phone that they have unread emails automatically


If you are looking to do this work yourself then I would recommend having this in the Developers section of the forums where people can provide technical hints.

But from a quick solution there currently isn’t anything out the box that provides push notifications (alerts give you screen notifications for reminders but not emails). However there is a plugin for PushBullet.com (you stated OneSignal.com wasn’t sure if that is a requirement) which you can find in the SuiteCRM Store.