web form entrypoint

please excuse me Nombness

ok so i am trying to import leads from OSDial via the Web Form submit.
The webform submit produces a url like this ( https://url.net/file.php?id=$external_key&lead=$lead_id&list=$list_id&number=$phone_number

i think i need to use a .php script please explain how i turn that into a lead :unsure:

Is this an external client/piece of software? Is it confirmed to work with SugarCRM CE/SuiteCRM? What is the web form doing?



I am using suitecrms webform. only when it pops up no data is populated in the form I have tried so many options with the auto fill url
?this=that&that1=this1 nothing works. I tried it with a different form and it works why does it now work with the pre generated forms from suitecrm.

Thanks will

maybe we can help if you share the OSDIAL results to be import.

OsDial ver 3.0.2
Asterisk 11.13.0-53

i mean the import file csv or zip

the problem is not with importing the leads with a cvs file that works fine the problem is with populating the webtolead html
i use the url.net/file.php?id=$external_key&lead=$...number=$phone_number to auto populate the fields but it does not populate the fields.