Web form - Can you change the field names? 🤓

I wonder if it is possible to change the field names (in the code by renaming for example “Primary Address Country” to just “Country” or “Account name” to “Company Name”) without breaking the form itself?

Or is the label very important from SuiteCRM to understand where/what to read/import into the system when somone enter his/her data into the form fields?

Kind regards

Have you tried to just change the labels from Studio?

The other thing is to generate the form then change the labels. As long as you don’t change the id and classes


Thank you so much for the confirmation @BrozTechnologies :smirk:

Yeah that was my intention.

I’ve generated a few forms for different functions in our website and I’d thought I just change the text labels.

I wasn’t just sure if they are dependent of the ID too in some weird way that if I changed the label names in the code it would somehow mess-up how SuiteCRM reads the data entered.

But you confirm that isn’t the case, so I’m going to do that which is easier in my mind than changing the labels themselves in the studio.

Very much appreciated!

Kind regards