Web Capture form = No data in CRM and redirects to CRM instead of custom link 😢

Well pretty much as it says. :smirk:

Campaigns --> generate a persons form --> do the guide and select lead or target list --> chose campaign and person assigned + pick the fields —> code generated --> publish the form on server of your preference. (In this case WordPress) --> enter some test data --> hit submit button – > redirects to SuiteCRM instead of the custom URL page and no data is added to the target list or lead list.

Example recording below of generic test page I made (with some CSS design customizations. No altering of the SuitCRM code strings. Just the CSS and added some styling for the text).

I have changed the labels to something else like “account” to “company name”. But I did not touch the ID’s. Also I did set a custom PostURL. Why it does that redirect to SuiteCRM instead of the custom thank you page url is something I cannot get my head around. I also added the “required” code <span class='required'>*</span> into other labels because I wanted to force the users to enter these fields (Name, description etc).

Anyone that knows the answer to this issue and how to fix it?

Kind regards

I think I have managed to get this working now. I generated new forms and then it started to work - including with my custom code. Maybe it was the custom PostURL that messed up the whole thing? :thinking:

Lawful basis doesn’t seem to be registered though, but I made another forum thread for that here: Lawful basis - how to get it working? to continue that topic in a separate thread.

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