Watermark image in pdf


I found this reference https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/blob/master/modules/AOS_PDF_Templates/PDF_Lib/config.php and it seems there is some support to include a watermark picture in pdf’s.

However I haven’t found any how to’s.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?




I believe those references exist mainly due to them being part of the config.php file for mPDF, which is a required file.

Unfortunately, It seems as though the Watermark image feature isn’t supported at the moment, or at the least, I was unable to get it to work correctly.

However, it may be worth taking a look at this issue in our repository: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/54

Here, Darren has given two examples of Background Image functionality in the PDFs, so you may be able to find a workaround using this.

Try Softaken PDF Champ