Warning: Invalid argument - Mobbiz/mobile_notification/Data.php


I encounter an error in the contact and activity sub panel with the following code :

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in address /crm/custom/Mobbiz/mobile_notification/Data.php on line 20

here is a screenshot : https://d.pr/i/j61bSA

I cannot find from where this error comes, would you have an idea ?


SuiteCRM Version 7.10
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (version de construction 344)

That error is in a custom module, or in an Add-on you purchased, perhaps. Something called Mobbiz.

It’s probably incompatible with the new SuiteCRM version. Try to contact their developer and ask for an updated version.

Thank you,

It seems to be caused by TapCRM but I cannot manage to uninstall it… I contacted their support.