Want to add to AOS

Greetings Group. This is my first post here. I want to add new modules to AOS so that it adds additional functional “Product” and “Service” lines in order to PDF Templates. Any ideas or experience on how to add new modules to AOS so that they appear globally throughout SuiteCRM?


Hi Dave, welcome.

There is no concept of adding modules to AOS, since Products is a module itself. What you can do is customize it, extend it, and eventually add features and contribute them to everybody (that’s the beauty of open-source).

Can you explain your requirement in a bit more detail please?

Hi - thank you for your reply. Simply put, I was to add a “Products2” and “Service2” module and have them display in this order: Products|Service|Products2|Service2

Couldn’t you do that with two consecutive lines? :huh:

I would approach that as a code customization to the Products module. You need a PHP/Javascript developer to do that for you.