Want to add Artificial Intelligence or google kind of suggestion even if spelling is wrong in global search

Hello All,

In the global search of SuiteCRM, if we enter the wrong spelling and search, it won’t show any result. I need to add something like that of google search, which should produce the search results with incorrect spelling input.
For Example:- If instead of ROBERT MAXWELL, I enter ROBERT MAXWLEL, the search should list the result for ROBERT MAXWELL.
I want to add an Artificial Intelligence kind of thing in the global search in CRM.
Is there any kind of plugin that can help me sort out this issue?

CRM version is 7.11.10.

Have you tried setting up Elastic Search in SuiteCRM v7.11 or later?

I don’t know how it behaves in this regard, but it is the most advanced search system available for SuiteCRM…

Hi @pgr,

Can you assist me in how we can set an elastic search ?

There is quite a bit of Documentation…

I am not too familiar with it, but try that procedure and see how it goes…