VTiger vs SuiteCRM

Hi - we’re looking for an open source CRM for a small business that includes invoicing, project management and customer portal. Just wondering what is the difference between VTiger and SuiteCRM ?

Thanks …

I am not familiar with VTiger but SuiteCRM forked off from a much later version of SugarCRM and is probably much closer to SugarCRM in terms of functionality. It includes all the things you listed.

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Thanks … installed SuiteCRM, nice and straightforward set up … :slight_smile:

A few years ago, there was little difference between the products - they both looked and acted just like SugarCRM 5/6. Now however SuiteCRM is streets ahead IMO. Especially when you consider the invoicing and workflow modules.

Neither offer a Mac Mail/Outlook for Mac plugin though

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VTigers user interface is much cleaner, and easier to navigate records because of the right side subpanels in my opinion.

The latest version of Suite is SWEET!