VPS - Recommended installation pre-requisites

I installed new VPS - CentOS 6.6.

I have LAMP (PHP 5.3.3 version) + Webmin + CSF (Firewall). Also I setup php.ini for SuiteCRM

What command I need to run for recommended installation pre-requisites:

XML Parsing
MB Strings Module
ZLIB Compression Module
ZIP Handling Module
PCRE Library
IMAP Module
cURL Module
Upload File Size
Sprite Support 

Should I run this commands? Is this enough?

# yum install php-gd php-imap php-ldap php-odbc php-mbstring php-pear php-xml php-xmlrpc php-soap
# yum install curl curl-devel perl-libwww-perl ImageMagick libxml2 libxml2-devel

I found this on http://tecadmin.net/install-sugarcrm-community-edition-linux/

Please help me about this.

Thank you

Please can someone help me with my question.

Can someone write here needed CentOS command for each item?

Thank you

I think that I found everything except Sprite Support.

Please, what is Sprite Support?

Hi there,

This will be relating to CSS Sprites. From SugarCRM:

‘Sprites is a smart way of using CSS to boost web performance by reducing the number of http requests that browser makes to the server. The way it works is that we combine several small images in one big image called sprite sheet. So now instead of making request for each small image, there will be just one request to the server for the big image that consists of all other small images. This way our page loads faster than usual.’

You should not need to install/configure anything for Sprites to work.



On a Debian 8 server, I have to install the packages : php5-imap php5-curl php5-gd