Vote for design proposition for SuiteCRM 8

Hello SuiteCRM developers and users.
I’ve been using SuiteCRM for around 2 years now and have been contributing a little bit where i could. I wanted to ask if it’s possible at all to do some design and UI improvements in version 8.

As we’ve been using SuiteCRM we noticed that subpanels under each module are extremely inconvenient mainly because to access any record in the subpanel you have to go to a separate module, only to look through calls, tasks, etc for a particular lead for example. This makes using SuiteCRM difficult. For each record you have to open a separate window/module. There’s just got to be a modification to this. You need to be able to have all the records for a lead in one window.

Our proposition is to switch from subpanels to tabs/subtabs so that when you open a lead, you have all the tabs in place of subpanels and have a summary of each record calls, tasks, notes, etc right in the same window. You click on the calls tab,and there are all your calls, you should be able to see the subject of the call and the description with dates and everything in a small summary section. And all the calls will be listed in that same tab. And you can also quickly add another call.

Then when you click on the tasks tab, you don’t have to go to a different window to look at the task description, you can just look through all the tasks that were done and that are scheduled to be done in one tab, showing them in a nice list. Just like most of other crms do it.

If this would be possible with SuiteCRM, we will be using it literally for the rest of our lives!

This is the main reason we’re switching to FreshSales right now, but are just waiting to see what version 8 is going to bring.

Please implement this in the new version so you don’t have to open separate windows to look at records related to the lead, opportunity, contact. Each module should show everything in the same window.

Thanks! Whoever think is this is a good idea, please support this thread.

I am not sure I understand your problem.

Why are subpanels not the same as what you’re proposing?

A subpanel can be customized to include the columns you want. So you can get as much information there as you need, and fits the space. How is this different from “having everything there” without needing to go in a different tab? Normally modules contain more information than you can display in a single row. But you can choose what is valuable information to you, and you can peek extra details in the “i” button on the right.

Then you can click and jump to the other module, but you don’t have to search, you are taken directly to the related record.

I guess the main problem is having to go to a different module window to look at different modules related to a lead or opportunity.

Will there ever be possible to have a quick note option for leads, clients, opportunities etc? So you can quickly go to the lead, drop a quick note, without having to create a whole record in a subpanel? And you should have a history of the notes all showing right in the same lead module. Without having to create a whole new record in a subpanel.

It’s just the UI overall is not very easy to use right now.

I think it already does what you are saying. Check the Subpanel tabs option in admin. And second thing, every CRM has a different UI and Approach to certain steps, and SuiteCRM has the ability to attach calls/notes/meetings in the Activities subpanel. how is that not easy or a Design Bug in your opinion.
Can you add some screens which are Good Design in your view?

“SuiteCRM has the ability to attach calls/notes/meetings in the Activities subpanel”

How do I do that in SuiteCRM?

Created a design proposition for version 8 in photoshop. How do I upload an image in this post?
Here is the link for the image -

This is a general concept of a design I would absolutely LOVE to see in SuiteCRM!
Believe me, it will look much better if you get rid of all the fat and ugly looking panels, fat buttons, and the gray background.
None of professional platforms ever use gray or dark background. Usually all while is used like I showed in this design proposition.
Please consider this suggestion.
At least if we can have some of that implemented that would be awesome!
Combining with whatever else you guys already came up with for version 8 it could make the platform look and work amazing!

Here is a fine tuned SuiteP theme for SuiteCRM Version 7.9.8

The design you have, it can be achieved easily by duplicating current theme and changing the CSS. SalesAgility had designed SuiteP theme keeping the large screens in their mind (or maybe office :cheer: ) thus you see all the spacings and big buttons.

Making custom themes out of the core is not difficult, if you know some HTML and CSS.

How do I install it on mine?
Also will it be easily revertible if I don’t like it?
I’m willing to invest money if someone can make it look like I showed in my picture.

I installed your theme and now my crm is all messed up. Everything appears out of order and I can’t even select the original one anymore:/

Sometimes these are caching issues and they disappear with a Quick Repair and Rebuild, or with some time.

If you mean you have trouble navigating to the screens to select options, as a workaround you can disable all stylesheets in your browser.

In Firefox it’s menu View / Page Style / No Style, other browser’s have equivalent options. This way you see a text-only page and can navigate to Admin / Themes, or Admin / Repairs, etc.