Visual issues in SuiteP

Hi there,

I can se some graphic issues after 7.8 and 7.81 updates in the top right menu and the action menu. Is it just my problem or it is a bug?

I have done quick repair.

I appreciate your help.


Can any administrator give any help please?

Have you try to “clean and rebuild” from administration and/or clean the cache of the browser ?!

Hi, yes

I’ve tried everything

If you can, try also to set “developer mode”, sometimes browser cache and suitecrm cache need a little help…

If you customized your theme try to disable the customization.

Looks like a permissions issue. Can you validate you set permissions appropriately?

chmod -R 755 .
chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php

Thank you both. I have realised that I had customised the file _headerModuleList.tpl and it was working but after the last update didn;t work properly. Just remove it and it works. So, they may have amended.

Cheers guys

Right on.