Visibility of a field by role

Hello everybody
i want to know ,
How can I make a field X visible to the user A belonging to the team A,
and make the same fields X invisible to the user B belongs to Team B ?

Infos: SuiteCRM 7.1.5

Thank you for your help

Sounds like you want it field specify. this needs to be done via code.

you could use Security Suite Pro edition which allows you to set layouts for different roles.

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apparently this is a paid module, is not it ?

This one is correct. the free version is built in with SuiteCRM.

If you want to give it a bash and do it yourself check out this post

they talk about what needs to be done and give examples for one field.

I use the edition SuiteCRM version 7.1.5.
I will read the article and I will test, thank you for the tip