Virus in incoming emails

As recommended for the Campaigns module, we have configured an IMAP email acount to manage bounced messages.

Unfortunately it happens that, in addition to bounced messages, this email account (which is dedicated to SuiteCRM) receives occasionally some spam messages, and, at times these spam messages contain a virus attached to them.

The virus file is stored in the upload directory with a GUID as file name assigned by SuiteCRM. Additionally there are references in different tables of the database of the filename, the sender email address, the recipient(s) address(es), the email message text and some scheduler. Removing all references by hand takes 5 minutes or so and involves searching for records in the various tables as well as the actual file containing the virus.

This virus is a problem because our hosting provider, when it finds a virus in any of our files, automatically blocks access to our web space until we have removed the virus. Even if we remove the virus within five minutes, the site remains blocked for a few hours, including the whole CRM.

Fortunately our main website is not affected since it resides elsewhere under a different domain, but the contact forms connected to SuiteCRM stop working and we lose several leads during these stops.

Is there any way to prevent these viruses at the CRM level?

Our email server doesn’t seem to detect these emails and, since the account is mainly there for bounced messages (which in many cases they are bounced because they are perceived as spam), we cannot increase the level of spam detection!

I have a similar problem. Did you find any solution? Someone else? @pgr do you have any idea?

No solution yet on our side. We just deactivatd incoming emails.

Maybe the following could be useful:

I haven’t had time to try it yet.