Viewing the same things on Dashboard?

Hi good people. I have just started to use SuiteCRM and it is amazing. Unfortunately, there are so many options that I have to ask here few stuff.

My goal was to create it in order to multiple users to see all activities. For example, when I log in, I see My Calls, My Accounts, My open Tasks and so on.

My goal would be so that I have only Calls, Accounts, Tasks and so on. The goal for that would be so that I(user1) can create and do something and user2 can see all of that when he logs in as well.

So, calls would be whole calls, not just many for any user. Accounts, Tasks and so on.

Would that be possible to do?

Best regards and thank you in advance.


Each user can configure dashboard. There are showing Calls for current or/and other users.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Got it.