Viewing Primary Address (Grouped) in custom module


One of my custom module (based on a person) within the edit screen you see the Primary Address fields
(grouped under Primary Address)

When clicking save the Detail View only shows the street) Not full address (This doesn’t happen in Contacts)

I have the edit view and Detail view synced

Please see my images attached to explain further

Image 1 - Edit View - inside the persons profile

Image 2 - Detail View - inside the persons profile

Image 3 - “Edit View” inside studio

I only see one image was uploaded, please let me know if you also can’t see the other images

Hi Taufique,

Did you make any changes to the address fields via Studio? If you based the module on the persons module and then changed the address fields this may cause issues.

Note: Only the first image attached.



Hi Will

I created the module and there were no changes made to the address fields

Only “Primary Address” was inside Sudio > “Edit View”

Please see image attached

This image shows Primary address inside the custom module Edit View, but the city,state & postcode inside the “Hidden fields” cloumn

Now in the original image I sent you see in the edit screen of the person it shows (Primary street, city, state & Postcode) as “grouped” fields

I have attempted to add the fields into the edit view but then they are duplicated in the edit screen of the person

(You see the Primary Address group - - and then you see each field on their own)

Thanks again

Hi Taufique,

If your sync has not worked, you will need to manually configure the detailviewdefs to show all of the address fields. It is configured in edit view to show as a block.



Hello Will

How do I manually configure the detailviewdefs to show as a block?

Is this outside of the system? Server files etc? Or within Studio?


Hi Taufique,

This would be a code change to your custom module’s detailviewdefs.



Would you know where/how to do this?

Hi Taufique,

The detailviewdefs.php file is located in modules//metadata or custom/modules//metadata.



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