Viewing opportunities with "last contact date" and "next action" info?

I’m currently frustrated with the way SuiteCRM/SugarCRM displays the list of Opportunities.

I’d like to have a way to view two key pieces of information about an Opportunity:

  • when was the last interaction with the account/contact?
  • when should I next contact the account/contact?

Neither of these are distinct fields, yet. I think I can use the “Meetings” feature to create tickler/reminders, but that’s a sideways method of accomplishing that goal, and it requires either looking at each Opportunity separately, or at the Meetings list where these ticklers will be shown alongside real meetings and scheduled calls. And it doesn’t help at all with knowing, from the Opportunities list or any other screen, how long it’s been since the last action was taken for each Opportunity.

If I find that I’ve got 20 minutes to spare this afternoon, I’d like to be able to view the list of Opportunities and ping a few folks for updates, focusing on items that have no fresh data or which seem to be scheduled for tickler/status inquiries soon.

Ideas? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Create a custom field called “last interaction” and possibly one called “next action” under opportunities.

Use either a logic hook or a workflow to set these fields to an appropriate value when a call/meeting is logged and linked to the opportunity.

Logic hooks are a good way, but require programming, workflow would just be configuration.

You’ll then want to add your new “last interaction” field as an available advanced search field and an available listview field so that you can sort by it. (Or create a report to do the same, you might need KReporter).


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