Viewed message count is not getting updated in campaign status

Dear Experts,

I have created one campaign and ran successfully.But when I went to see the campaign status to see viewed messages it was 0.Viewed messages count is not getting updated, even when I open the email.

I am using SuiteCRM Version 7.7.8 (Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509))

Any help would appreciated.I have attached one screenshot of the same.

Thank you very much in advance.

As far as I know, viewed messages are tracked based on a small 1x1 image which is sent along with the Emails. If your recipients have images blocked, SuiteCRM wont be able to capture the count.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

Dear @Arsalan,

Thanks for your message.

Yes, I know about this but I have tried by downloading image, unblocked image download and also used other email client to view email.
But was not success in any of these try.

Please help me if you have any alternate solution.



Is there any solution for this?

I have the same issue - was this ever solved? I use 7.11.8 and did not have this issue on older versions

@svdkar here is some background reading

note that this hasn’t been changed recently - the fact that you didn’t have this problem in older versions (which ones?) doesn’t necessarily mean something broke in SuiteCRM.

It could also be a change in Gmail policies, for example, or in other email clients and servers, restricting the sending of the tracker link.

Try to check if the link looks ok in the emails, if you can call that entrypoint in SuiteCRM successfully, or if there are any errors in your browser’s developer console, or in your server logs