View tasks in calendar

I create a task in the calendar for a few days. Eg 04.23.15 - 30.04.15.
In the calendar, the task only displays 30.04.15. And on other days blank. How to make what the problem was visible in the calendar all days?

Some screenshots might help explain this problem better.

Create task1. Start 04.12.2015, end 04.30.2015.
Open calendar. Only one day is highlighted in green (04.30.2a15) are green. I wish that all days were highlighted in green (from 04.12.2015 to 04.30.2015)

IMHO this is not an error but rather by design … it’s meant to be this way.
SugarCRM PROF and SugarCRM CE do the same thing, the last day of the task is displayed.

If you look at the code (Calendar/Calendar.php) a task is shown on the due date (see get_occurs_within_where-caluse => due date, around line 250).

salesagility : maybe this should be discussed whether it should be shown for the entire time and/or only on the due date OR alternatively a switch in the admin panel?



Can you help me make highlight of all the days tasks?