View OWN by default but Edit ALL if needed

We would like to implement a fairly standard hierarchy where a sales person views their own records, their manager views their own records plus the records of all their sales people, and the regional manager can view all records in their region.

However, we also want everyone to have the ability to search the entire record set and be able to assign records to themselves if needed.

Does this mean that Security Groups become irrelevant, and we should rely on list view filters to manage what users see by default?


I see that your problem in this sentence. This is contrary to the logic of the first paragraph. One user can steal record from other user?


Well, in this scenario it’s not stealing - it’s valid for one salesperson to be able to search for and take ownership of a record, because they have been presented with this customer in person. We don’t want them to create a duplicate record, we want them to be able to locate and work the existing record, even if it belongs to someone else.

But, we don’t want their default views to be displaying all records, as that would be less efficient for managing their work.


I can recommend to set arbitrator. You can create special module where user ask change owner of the record. When somebody accept the changing set new owner of record. It can be one or both head of users for example.


You should be able to build this:

  • Sales people have Group access to all records (so they can search and change ownership)
  • Sales people use “my records”-style views based on assignment, so they normally see only a subset of what they have group access to
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Thanks, this is where I’d landed so I appreciate the verification.

Great idea thank you.