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I have created a custom dropdown list as a subject for users to select when writing in the description field but this selection is not showing in the view noted page, is there anything I need to do so it will show?

Have you created a workflow?

The “Subject” field is the name field of the record and this is what list view looks at for a link to the record

You have added a custom dropdown and clicked save

SuiteCRM will not know to update the Subject name field without a workflow

Create workflow

Module = Notes

Condition = Date created = today or greater

Action = modify record = notes = subject = field = subject dropdown

The workflow will populate the subject field with the [item name] of the dropdown

Hope this helps

I have done it according to your dvise but no luck, it is still not showing, anything I have done wrongly?

Hi, I have solved this issue by editing the old notes by selecting the subject from the drop-down, now the subject name can be seen from view. Thanks a lot.


I have done another 2 custom dropdown for Task and Event, I have done it successfully with Task but not for the Event (Which I have rename the module to DEMO SCHEDULES & EVENT SUPPORTS, When save the “Name” on he redirected page is blank and the dropdown name doesn’t show on the View (remain blank), is there anything that i can do to rectify ths problem?

On the other hand, even after the module change, but the name on the Creat Event is remain unchange, unlike the Task the name is changed to the new name.

Please advise what i can do, i attached the pictures for your reference, thanks you very much.

Sorry without having the instance in front of me I will not be able to help, if the workflow is working with other modules.

Event module is a custom module that was added to SuiteCRM I believe and does have some custom code and features so this maybe why you are seeing issues I cant be sure


I think the Event module has some bugs that not allowing the Create Event name to be rename, I have tried to install a new copy of SuiteCRM and found that the same happened.