View contact related with activity in activity list

Hello. We have a customer that uses a lot the activities associated to contacts.

At contact page, they havre an activities related module where appears all activities for this contact.

But, if the opens the Activities module from main menu, appears all activities, of all contacts, but does not appear a column of what contact is related to each activity.

I tried to add this column but I did not find how to do it.

Anyone can help us?.


Kind regards.

Hello @digitecmedia

you’re talking about the standard modules like tasks, meetings, calls?
In the standard setup, the related records are all displayed by default.
E.g. Tasks:

E.g. Calls

And as you can see, there are two columns:
Contact and Related to - since the latter one is a flex relate, it could be that a contact was choosen, or another entity.
So the Contact column is only filled, if the related to entity is a contact. (maybe that helps?)

If you have created a custom activities module, could you show some screenshots of the studio?

Step 1: Add the Contact Field to Activities Module

  1. Log in to SuiteCRM as an Administrator.

  2. Navigate to Studio:

    • Go to the Admin panel by clicking on your profile at the top right and selecting “Admin”.
    • In the Admin panel, select “Studio” under the Developer Tools section.
  3. Select Activities Module:

    • In Studio, click on the “Activities” module (Activities might include tasks, calls, meetings, etc. You might need to add the field to each of these submodules if they are separate).
  4. Fields:

    • Check if there is already a relationship field linking Activities to Contacts. This field might already exist under different names like contact_id, contact_name, etc.
    • If it doesn’t exist, you might need to create a custom relationship between Contacts and Activities.

Step 2: Modify the List View

  1. Layouts:

    • Still in the Studio for the Activities module, click on “Layouts”.
    • Select “ListView” to edit the layout of the list view.
  2. Add the Contact Field:

    • In the ListView layout editor, you can drag and drop the fields you want to display.
    • Find the field that links to the Contact (e.g., contact_name or similar) and drag it to the list view columns.
  3. Save and Deploy:

    • After adding the necessary fields, click “Save & Deploy” to apply the changes.

Step 3: Verify the Changes

  1. Navigate to Activities Module:

    • Go back to the main menu and navigate to the Activities module.
  2. Check the List View:

    • Verify that the Contact field now appears in the list view and displays the related contact for each activity.

Hello @Urvi and @BastianHammer . First of all, thanks a lot for your reply.

I will attach you 3 screen captures.

I don’t know why, but the relationship between Contacts and Meetings (Actividades) is created. Look at screen capture 1.

But, in Meetings list (screen capture 2), the column for contact appears blank.

If I edit a meeting from Meeting subpanel at contacts, does not appear the contact’s name (screen capture 3), so I don’t know where system is storing the information about the related contact of meeting to be able to show it at Meeting list.

Can I try something else?

Kind regards.

Hello again @Urvi and @BastianHammer .

If I create a Meeting report, I’m able to show the related contact name and surnames, because I can choose it from the list (screen captures 4 and 5), but I need to show it at Meeting module list.


Kind regards.