View calendar (meetings) for all users in a role or security group

I was trying to synchronize the calendar for all users, that is, each meeting that is planned is shown to all users of the same security group or the same role since setting each user to be shown on the calendar becomes too tiring On the other hand, if only the role or security group is selected, it is much easier, so I want to show the meetings on the calendar for all those who share the same security group.

Maybe it is possible. Have you tried anything?

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It was the first thing I read and tried but there are no calendars in this section

However, in the meetings tab it is synchronized according to the role but in calendars these meetings do not exist regardless of whether you are in the security group or not

Yeah, I don’t see calendar module there. :melting_face:

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yep, the calendar module works with meetings, however, when you join it in the security group with its respective role, it is visible in the meetings tab but cannot be seen in the calendar tab.

I discovered an unorthodox way of doing it which was once said contact created a meeting according to an array in which within these are the IDs of the users with the desired role, I automatically invited them.
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modules/Meetings/MeetingFormBase.php’ o 'modules/Meetings/CallFormBase.php

$user_invitees = array
foreach ($user_invitees as $user_id) 
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