Vierw contracts in account detail


I’m a new user to SuiteCRM. Before i used SugarCR with AOS (version 5.0.1).

There is something i miss in SuiteCRM, that was avaiable at SugarCE with AOS, and that is the list of contracts associated with an account, that was present in the account details on SugarCE.

Is it possible to add them (the contracts) to the account detail view?


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Contracts are related to Accounts by default in SuiteCRM. They are listed in the ‘Contracts’ sub-panel on the Account record detail view.



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I might be missing something, but i don’t see that sub-panel in the account detail page (nor any AOS related panel - quotes, invoices). I printed the page and attached it. There are contracts associated with that account (no invoices or quotes).
I have SuiteCRM Version 7.1.4 installed.
Any ideas?

Thanks for the fast reply.
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I made another test, this time on the suitecrm demo, http://

As the user Will, i made a contract related to the account “Kaos Trading Ltd”.

I can see the contract in the contract list (unde all->contracts - here )

but not under the kaos trading account (here ).

Is that the expected behaviour?

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After some testing I was able to correct this.
Somehow on the standart SuiteCRM install i could not see the account->AOS relationships (namely to quotes, invoices and contracts).
However the relationships where defined in the database.

Here is how i solved this, I’m not sure it is the correct procedure and that it will not have secondary effects.

  • 1 - Go to the admin backoffice->Studio
  • 2 - Add a new many-to-many relationship. In my case i added a many-to-many relationship from accounts to accounts
  • 3 - After this step, the relationships from accounts to AOS became visible!
  • 4 - Delete the many-to-many relationship you made, In my case the one from accounts to accounts

I hope this helps someone else with the same problem or even give a clue to what was causing my problem.

Kind regards