Very slow performance on SuiteCRM interface

Good afternon, I dont know what Im doing wrong but Im getting times around 25 seconds to retrive a page and 7 seconds more to retrive a account record from DB. I was looking the demo before install and the times to retrieves more than 10 records are under 1 sec. I was looking the php memory conf and upgrade the limit size to 2GB, but I continue with the same issue. If a do a normal query on the DB takes less than a second retrieving the record. I dindt know If some one can help me with this issue. Thanks for the time to read the topic, regards.

Can you check what the CPU load of the server is when the request takes so long?
What sort of server is it (virtual or physical) and is it dedicated just to serving suitecrm or does also perform other roles (db server, email, other websites)?


Have a look at these tips.

Also if you search the Forum there are a number of suggestions on how to optimise the Server, as well limiting “error logs” etc.

I have been running SuiteCRM over 4 months now, and even on a very slow Internet Connection to an off-shore server am getting fast response times.

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Ty for the replies has been very helpful