Very slow and buggy.. is it only me?


I’ve tried re-installing siteCRM twice, but every time there’s extreme latency when opening modules or performing simple tasks in admin panel.

There’s also random warnings that come up (like when modifying fields).

It’s Version 7.10.4 installed on a dedicated server with a standard LAMP stack.

My questions are:

  • Would switching to nginx help?
  • Is there a guide that shows how we can optimize suiteCRM?
  • Could it be that it’s the version that I installed that’s buggy?
  • Would it make sense to hire someone just for the installation part? Like a sys admin that also knows suiteCRM?

Thank you for your help. Really hope I can make this work with suiteCRM.

Also just to add that this is a fresh sandbox, there’s no data in it yet, so no reminders, accounts etc.

Just bought an ebook by Jim Mackin, hopefully there will be something about optimization.

While using the demo on everything flies… So i’m assuming it’s settings etc. on my side that need to be changed.

May be someone knows the servers specs and other setup details of that demo install?

It’s pretty frustrating because obviously suiteCRM is probably the best open source PHP based CRM out there, but this latency issue is a problem and after doing some research I see I’m not the only one who’s having it.

As per the above image. I believe it is an issue of permission and ownership.
I would suggest do verify, is file permission and ownerships are correct?.

Just a quick update, it’s definitely something on my side… I switched to a local machine and the app runs like a breeze. Turns out shitty hosting was the issue

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