I’m on 7.8.7 (haven’t updated in a long time). I’ve done some fairly deep mods in some of the code itself (not in custom folder) and so everytime I do an update I have to manually patch some of my mods in. I want to stay on the SuiteR theme. What’s the latest version I can upgrade to? Any potential issues?

Latest LTS version : 7.10.19
Latest Stable Version : 7.11.7

Of course, the new version is better and much stable than older. But you may require to leave SuiteR theme in both upgrades.

Upgrade these upgrade Rules for peace of mind.

  1. Take 100% instance backup
  2. Take 100% database backup
  3. Down your live site during the upgrade, so that others can’t access.
  4. Create a clone site to upgrade.
  5. Collect all required route patch files for an upgrade.

Get here current list of all issues.

My question was what is the latest version I can upgrade to that I can use SuiteR theme?

Hi jcrist,

the latest version with SuiteR would be v7.8.31 (noting that this version is EOL).