Version SuiteCRM 7.9.17 Problems with Upgrades to 7.10

i am on Version SuiteCRM 7.9.17 coming from old Version and made my upgrades up to now
It works really good.

But now i have a Problem which i found many people has here before.

The Uploaded Upgrade Package to 7.10 is not recognized.

Has someone a tipp for me how to get to a new Version?

I even do not find a full install of 7.9.17 just to test the upgrades with a new installed clean version

Check your php.ini to increase these values

memory_limit (at least 256MB)

max_post_size (must be enough to fit the upgrade package)
max_upload_size (must be enough to fit the upgrade package)
max_execution_time (add more seconds)

then restart your web server and retry.

You might also want to re-download the upgrade package, it might be corrupted.

Hi i have done everything but with no success

Still got the error.

First i uploaded the Upgrade Package (downloaded it twice) then i got the message:

“ has been uploaded.”

Then I Press “Next” Button and in the same monent i got the error Message “Upload a package before continuing.”

Anyone any Idea?

I made a complete blank installtion of 7.9.17 and then everything is ok and i can upgrade to 7.10

But i have a lot of data in my old installation (New fields, Files , masks) so i need to tranfer them.

Check your upgradeWizard.log for errors, and also your web server log (php_errors.log or errors.log)

You can also rename the “upload/upgrades” directory to start fresh (and later delete it if everything goes well).

Hey pgr, thanks for your tipps.

The last day i checked a lot.

I put the memory limit to 512MB, rause the max values and so on but nothing happend.

Always when i try to update a new clean SuiteCRM installation with same values the Update is ok.
It recognized the uploaded files and mae ther SuiteCRM Upgrade to 7.10

But when use my old SuiteCRM database it hangs. :blink:

I even have installed a fresh 7.9.17 and made the update -> OK

But when i use the fresh Data files ( the same i used für the coreecct Update bevore ) with correct rights and my DB with Data in it, it shows the error again :S

The error is, that even when i upload the installation package wither the Upgrade Wizard and I press “Next” it says to me that there ist no uploaded package
This happens onyl with my “old DB”

Do you have the PHP zip module available in that system?

Maybe try checking the zip for errors (in that system, from the command-line), or perhaps even unzipping it and zipping it back…

hi pgr,
ZIP Modul ist availabe and ZIP File is correct.

As i wrote i used the same system (Ubuntui, Apache, PHP, MySQL just with two different SuiteCRM databases.

If i use my original database which i upgrade from Sugar 6.5 to Suite 7.8 and 7.9 the Upgrade Wizard do not recognize the ZIP File.

If use the same File System just with a fresh SuiteCrm 7.9.17 Database the Upgrade Wizard works perfect and the ZIP File is used.

I am sorry, but I am running out of ideas to help you. I have no idea what could be going wrong… :frowning:

Just to give everyone the info what i did to update:

I installed a fresh Suite CRM 7.9.17 in a freh directory and used a fresh installed database

I exported manually the Account, Contacts, Projects, Emails and coresponding tables

I imported them in the fresh install and then the Update was ok

Some SuiteCRM Data in the database - i do no know which - was the reason that files were not recognized when i wanted to do the update.